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Many of our clients have been asking us how to get their music on iTunes, amazon and other digital download stores.  After researching many digital solutions, MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES now recommends SongCast.

Here is a sampling of the comments we received when we checked SongCast out:

"SongCast has rocked for us. They got our stuff up on all the sites pretty quick. We get paid once a month from them and haven't had any issues."

"I have found SongCast to be a very good site for my music... It is easy to navigate the various Songcast pages, which clearly detail one's sales and earnings, month by month, with other statistics... Their tech help is also pretty responsive.  Songcast has remained, for me, the least complicated distributor."

" When you start selling (on SongCast), you can go online to the Songcast web site, log on and see your monthly earnings and you can withdraw them any time. You download your money back through Paypal and into your account. There is no contract as you can opt out any time..."

"I'm happy! Check em out!"
Click here to go directly to SongCast to learn more about what they can do for you, and to sign up directly to have your music made available in the leading digital stores.

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