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How it Works
Ever wonder how a DVD actually works? Satisfy your thirst for knowledge on these and other important matters!
What the CD did to the LP, DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) has now done to videotape and CD-ROM. With a storage capacity 7-14 times a CD-ROM, its speed, instant accessibility, multi-language capability and universal compatibility make DVD truly versatile.

MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES is a trusted DVD duplicator for many corporations, and it can help you with your DVD duplication project too!
A Green DVD?... Almost
Now there are more environmentally friendly choices available for your DVD packaging. Click here for information about the MMS Green CD Program, or contact your MMS rep for more information.
How much will it cost?
Every DVD project has its own unique challenges. Choose our popular DVD price package, or ask for a custom quote.
Writing the book on authoring...
Your DVD project may need authoring, mastering, or a combination of both. No matter what stage of the project you're at, MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES can help, either by advising you on the best route to go, or by bringing the project in-house and completing it for you.
Who do I know that can draw?
Whether you're using your own graphic designer, or the team of experts at MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES, how your DVD looks on the outside is almost as important as how it looks and sounds in the player.

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