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AN MMS PRE-PAID DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD is perfect for your fans who prefer to buy music on download.

Preprinted, custom full color digital download cards are made of recyclable plastic.

Each has a unique code that allows the purchaser to access your music and download it to their computer and MP3 player or iPod.

You set the selling price, or give it away as promo.

Cardholders go direct to your music to download without getting lost in iTunes or other download stores.

The cards can be designed to tie in with your CD graphics, including liner notes and pictures. Plus, your card can allow people to access new music later on, as you make it.

Find out the 22 reasons why you should buy an MMS Digital Download Card today.

Get more details on how a Digital Download Card works.


Have it both ways!!! Two great ways to save big on buying download cards with your next order of CDs.



Hanger Style

Click here for Card Templates

1. Choose from two different styles of cards:
Standard - starting at approx. 35 cents per card*
Hanger style - starting at approx. 90 cents per card*
2. Order your cards.
3. Upload your songs, as many as 25 at any given time.
4. Use your cards for promo, or sell at any price you choose.
5. Card-holders access the songs by visiting the URL on the back of the card, and typing in the unique code imprinted on each card.

* Price varies depending on quantities and artwork. Ask your rep for a quote on your project.


Compared to a CD:
1. More cost-effective, does not require a large investment
2. Better for your fans who prefer to download music
3. Easier to carry to gigs (you can fit lots in your guitar case!)
4. Cheaper to ship
5. Great way to distribute new music to labels, radio or agents
6. You can change the songs on the card without having to reprint
7. Minimal customs issues at the border

Compared to other methods of selling downloads:
8. Control the number, price and selection of downloads
9. Collect your own revenue, and keep the full amount (no royalties held back)
10. Add or delete tracks as often as you want, as long as your account is active
11. Offer a choice of songs to your fans (eg. upload 25 tracks, of which the cardholder can preview and choose twelve of their favorite tracks)
12. Add different albums to the same account
13. Cardholders go DIRECT to your music, and only your music - they don't get lost in a download store
14. Card can be customized to your look and feel, using your design and artwork
15. You get paid upfront... you sell the card, the songs are redeemed for free after that
16. Your card can be disabled if it's lost or stolen

Keep track of:
17. who is downloading your songs
18. which cards have been redeemed
19. which songs are being downloaded, and how often

20. use the events section to highlight performing/touring/showcasing dates
21. you can customize your landing page for a more personal greeting (additional cost applies)
22. choose to use your own website as a landing page to gather information for a mailing list etc, then ask the visitors to click through to your card's landing page

The MMS Digital Download Card. A great new way to sell and distribute your music!

To get started, call your MMS rep and ask for details today!

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