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Mastering is the final opportunity to clean up and tweak a master before duplicating CDs, cassettes or vinyl. This process makes your music sound louder, bigger, smoother, cleaner, and more 3-dimensional. If you want your music to have maximum impact for radio, or if you want to be able to compete with major record label releases, don't miss this final opportunity to improve the sound quality of your project! Some of the processes you might need at the mastering stage include:

  • Dynamic enhancement
  • Transparent limiting
  • Stereo width expansion
  • Dynamic EQ
  • "Tube" warmth
  • Harmonic enhancement
  • Individual track level adjustment
  • Click and clip removal
  • Hiss & noise reduction
  • Sample accurate editing & fades
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Free Audio Master Evaluation
Before you decide, why not call your MUSIC MANUFACTURING SERVICES rep for a FREE audio master evaluation? Our engineers will listen to your master and you give you an expert evaluation with mastering tips and ideas for enhancement.

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